Here you can subscribe to any of our memberships, rent any of our storage space and buy some consumables that you need during your maker time.

Monthly recurring products (memberships, storages, private spaces, lockers,...) are called subscriptions. 

You can cancel your subscriptions any time: my account -> my subscriptions -> select your subscription -> Close my subscription.

It is encouraged to create different subscriptions if you plan to modify parts of your rentals differently. For example if you change your membership quite often, but always keep the same storage options, then is advised to first create a subscription with your membership, do the check out and pay, and then create another basket with your storage option. This way you will be able to close your membership without touching your storages. Indeed in case you have a single subscription with all your monthly associated products (private spaces, racks, lockers,...), all of them will be canceled when you cancel your subscription.