The Micro Factory is a shared workshop that thrives on participation and resource sharing.
It’s a coworking space for creatives who are ready to work and contribute to its smooth operation.

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workshops and machines.

Why equip, arrange and maintain your own workshop? A shared workplace offers more options in terms of facilities and collaboration. Our community lends a hand, inspires, and shares knowledge where needed. 
What you will find at the Micro Factory, or what it became what it is today is thanks to the contributions and efforts of the more than 500 hobbyists and professionals who have passed through in recent years.

 Many utilise our space as is for their projects, while some contribute to enhancing the Micro Factory. Collective efforts ensure our workshops and organisation run smoothly.



The wood workshop makes it possible to produce small and large elements, be it unique pieces or in larger quantities. There are shared workbenches, as well as personally rented spaces to work or store larger pieces.

  Available machines: 

Panel saws, planers,  lathes, band saws, milling machines, column drills, long hole drills, sanders, spray booths, etc.


In the metal workshop you can bend, cut, assemble, weld, saw, etc. various metals. Storage and private work spaces can also be rented here.

 Available machines:

 Plasma cutter, metal lathe, TIG and MAG/MIG, welding tables, column drill, belt sander, automatic folding machine, spray booth, ...

Digital production

Our FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) provides the opportunity to create prototypes or items using computer-controlled machines (CNC - Computer Numerical Control)

Available machines:

 Milling machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, cutting plotters


We are missing electronic geeks to revive our electronics lab.


Screen printing​

The screen printing studio has all the necessary equipment for printing textiles, paper and wood.

Available machines: 

Screen printing carousel with 6 printing arms, automatic press, vacuum imager, exposure unit, light tables, printer, tracer, …


The textile department has a small machine park for processing thread.

As a result of a restructuring, the textile department is open to welcoming new members who want to further expand this department.

Available machines:

Tufting machines, looms, sewing machine, heat press, two Beninese looms, ...