FAQ for the existing members who have to migrate from the old system(cobot) to the new one:

Hello everyone,

We recently have migrated our website on a new platform. This will ease a lot the management of the MicroFactory (ie all administrative tasks that you may not be aware of). Both trainings and membership are handled by this platform.

On the long term this will be beneficial as it will bring more time as fab manager and more money for the MicroFactory. But in the short term, you might experience some minor bugs or feel out of your comfort zone with this new system.

So here are answers to some of the questions we receive the most :-)

I cannot connect to microfactory.be

The new sitewill not recognize your username/password: you need to create a new one on this website to book a training or migrate your membership.

Is my membership suspended ?

If you do nothing, your membership will still exist (and you card be debited). Your membership in the old system(cobot) can be modified here .

Do I need to migrate my membership now ?

If you pay by debit, domiciliation or bancontact ?  Then wait a little more. you can modify your membership hereif needed, but keep it for now. We will send an update to everyone when bancontact/maestro will be available.

Payments for the trainings can be done by credit card or wire transfer. In case of problem, please contact ariane@microfactory.be.

You pay by credit card? Great, you can upgrade to the new system (lucky you!) Please follow these instructions:

  1. Register to the correct membership  here (starter,  soir/we,  mi-temps,  plein temps)

  2. Add your storage options

  3. Pay online

  4. Unsubscribe from the old systemso you are not debited twice !

I keep getting reminders to pay my membership.

This happens after one month of your first subscription in case you have not checked the option to save your payment details. In this case, the payment institution can automatically credit your card. 

You have to go to your account (click on your name on the top right and click My Account) and update your payment method. When the system will have your card information and is able to save your payment details, you will not receive such message anymore.